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Monday, December 26, 2011

Day After

Day after the main event, a lot of taking dolls & action figures out of their many layers of packaging!  Keeping the dogs from eating the new toys that are strewn about. Little Bear was running around with Spider Man in her mouth earlier, I thought I might have to wrestle a dog.  Have been snacking on way too many goodies left over.  I need to stay away from hummus.  Good thing we got out on the exercise path earlier.  Sun is shining... a good day.  Usually I feel a little let down after Christmas, all the hustle & bustle & excitement is over.  So far it hasn't hit....

More Lalaloopsy dolls
Here are pics of our last few days of celebration:

Christmas church service
India with her Great Grandma
Reading the Christmas story
New jewelry box from Aunt Jennifer & family
I don't remember being happy about getting clothes when I was their age.
Handmade wooden shark car
At my parent's house
Playing with Grandma & Grandpa's jukebox

Here a few of the fun things I got this them!

1.  Monkey Portraits book from my friend Maya
2.  Girl 039 Painting by GreasyChickenFace from Richard
3.  A Perfectly Kept House Is The Sign Of A Misspent Life book from my folks...I saw it on this blog:    SFGirlByBay & had to have it.
4.  Lost In Your Dreams Artwork by Maria Pace-Wynters from Richard

Ok, I am leaving now with a monkey picture from the book, & a slight tangent.  Looking through the pictures of all their faces, I was thinking how could someone have not created & designed these unique & funny & intelligent creatures? For that matter, all the many other bi-zillion species. To me all of nature shows great design.  Anyway,  that was my little off shoot...I'll stop typing  now :)

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