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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Handmade Christmas...not so much

I had the idea (a good one I thought), to make some Christmas gifts.  I mean, personally I would rather have some something someone poured their heart & soul into...or at least a little bit of soul :)  Some blood,  sweat & that means something.  Anyway, it was a nice idea.  But so far, not so good, & I get a little too focused on things(at the expense of other things) when I am working on something. You should see my house!  Ha ha... a wee bit neglected. Seriously, I have a suitcase from a trip a month ago, that is still not completely unpacked.  I kind of feel like I turn into a mad scientist in my lab, when I am working on a project/art piece.  So I spent a good deal of time trying to do some embroidery, that I was planning to give away.  Halfway through, I wasn't liking them too much, they just weren't what I envisioned in my head.  I hate when that happens!  I will probably try again though.  Here are a few of the attempts...

Then I got caught up making this collage below.  Just experimenting.  This was never planned to be a gift. As much as family/friends may like me, I am sure they don't want a collage of me on their wall :)  

I showed this to Richard & said "see what goes on in my head"?  Ha ha.  He had nothing to say... he was probably thinking "this is what she does with her day?"

On to other things:  Here is Little Bear trying to get to her birthday treats.  She is 1 year old today.

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