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Thursday, December 1, 2011

He can't get mad about a Jesus statue, can he?!

Happy December! I love these red December pictures(actually all of her pictures), from the very talented Violet Bella, this is the last month it will grace my wall. **sigh** Then off to 2012!

So today, I took a little trip to a vintage store, called Whimzy, that also sells little odds & ends, for your own creations. Oh man, I probably shouldn't have stepped foot in there.  I was doing good, just picking out a few little treasures to include in my art, & then I saw it.  In a glass case, tucked back in the corner was a 1930's Jesus statue, & I had to have it. I asked how much, I held it in my hands, I debated, I walked away & decided to be good.  Then when the nice lady was ringing me up, I kept glancing over at Him, behind the glass & decided He needed to come home with me.  Soooo, I guess I am crossing my fingers that Richard sees what I see in Him, & realizes that I really did try to walk away & be strong, but it was fate I tell you.

             Stuff from my new fun store :)

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